Cold Showers: The Secret to Perfect Hair & Skin

Who doesn’t love a steaming hot shower in the morning or after a long day of work? There is nothing better than letting the steam build up in your bathroom and letting the hot water take all your troubles away. Unfortunately, those hot showers we all know and love are actually doing terrible things to our skin and hair. Hot showers, although relaxing, dry out the skin and hair, making the skin more prone to acne, and worst of all…helps cause wrinkles. This doesn’t mean that hot showers need to be gotten rid of completely, but when looking for healthier hair and skin, finishing a shower with 20 seconds to 2 minutes of cold water under 70 degrees can make all the difference. Even though cold showers are beneficial for your hair and skin, there are several other health-related reasons why you should consider incorporating cold water into your daily showers. If you have pre-existing heart conditions, consult your doctor before attempting.

Benefits of Showering with Cold Water

Keeps you alert & Heightens Immune Response

Nothing sounds more terrifying than a cold shower in the morning but finishing off your morning shower with cold water naturally increases our oxygen intake and heart rate, which in turn promotes blood flow and gives us the energy we need to tackle the day. Research has shown that individuals who take cold showers have an increased number of white blood cells, which builds immunity and combats viruses.

Increase Circulation

Showering with cold water causes your blood to move towards your organs in efforts to keep the organs warm. This encourages blood flow throughout the body, and good blood flow can help with lowering blood pressure or regulating cardiovascular health.

Combats Depression

Who would have thought that the idea of something so scary, (a cold shower), could actually help combat depression? The skin has cold receptors that when exposed to cold water, it sends electric signals to your brain and results in a more positive mentality. How amazing is that? Just a little cold water can go a long way.

Glowing Skin & Hair

If you want glowing skin & hair, cold showers are definitely your answer. Cold water seals the pores on your face and head, allowing them to lock in proper moisture, leaving you with softer, clearer skin and healthy, shinier hair. You will not regret it – the results are undeniable!

How to start taking cold showers

Don’t worry, there’s no need to turn to cold showers cold turkey. You can build up little by little, and as you notice all the amazing benefits your hair and skin experience because of cold showers we’re sure it will be a walk in the park.

When starting to incorporate cold water into your showers, start off by finishing your shower with 20 seconds of cold water and work your way up slowly to wherever is comfortable. If cold showers are just not for you, try sticking to warm water as opposed to hot water. Your hair, skin, and body will thank you!

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