Best Towels to Prevent Hair Damage

With all the money we spend on hair treatments and styling, how would you feel if we told you the reason you’re struggling to prevent hair damage and get those shiny, healthy-looking strands isn’t a lack of quality products but actually…the right towel? It might seem hard to believe that something as insignificant as your towel could have a major impact on your hair’s health, but that’s exactly what many hairstylists have found to be true. Your average bath towel is just too rough and heavy for hair, which leads to breakage and damage.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to wait around with soaking strands because towels are the enemy — you just need to find the right towel to prevent hair damage. Hair is especially fragile while it’s wet because water fills the hair cuticle and makes it more prone to breakage. It’s time to stop rubbing your hair in that cotton towel and upgrade to a towel that will prevent hair damage and even cut down your hair drying time. Here’s our list of the best towels to avoid hair damage.

YoulerTex Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap (Click Here) $11.86

This microfiber towel is a hit on Amazon, and it’s no wonder why — microfiber towels are super absorbent, so they cut down on your drying time. These towels are also a great choice to avoid hair damage and that infamous enemy — frizz.

M-bestl 2 Pack Hair Towel Wrap (Click Here) $10.89

If you’re hunting for a new towel that will let you dry your hair naturally while preventing damage yet won’t break the bank, we have your next new towel-obsession. This is a pack of 2 towels, so you’re getting your money’s worth while reducing hair damage and drying time. What’s not to love?

Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel (Click Here) $12.97

This is another wallet-friendly and hair-friendly microfiber towel that will change the game for you. It’s also the top choice for thick or long hair, as it does a great job of soaking up lots of water to cut down on your drying time while not causing any breakage.

Texere Women’s Bamboo Viscose Hair Towel (Click Here) $21.99

If you’re ready to try a towel that’s a little more out of the ordinary, switch up your fabric by opting for this bamboo fiber towel instead of your usual option. Not only is this towel extra gentle on your strands, it even has a little elastic loop to make wrapping your hair up even easier.

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