Affordable Fragrances You’ll Love

There is something about fragrance that is so luxurious – that’s why many perfumes cost well over $100 for 1 fluid ounce. The thing is, you don’t need to spend designer dollars on a designer-like scent. You can smell like a million bucks without spending a million buck! You just have to know where to look.

The Body Shop (Shop here)

The Body Shop isn’t just for body butters and creams – their fragrances are highly overlooked. For under $30, you can get a long-lasting and indulgent scent.

Formulated with both men and women in mind, these fragrances are mostly deep-set in natural musky notes. One of their most popular fragrances is White Musk. It’s a soft floral scent with spicy notes that are both romantic and warm.

Urban Outfitters (Shop here)

Urban Outfitters has more than just trendy band tees and overpriced sweaters. They have a beauty and body selection that is beyond impressive. With simple and sleek packaging, their Gourmand fragrances are only $18.

With scents like coconut, rose, vanilla, and even pistachio, you can find one that matches your personality. These fragrances are small, simple, and pack a big punch. Pistachio Brûlée is the most comforting scent that will take you from fall to spring without missing a step.

Anthropologie (Shop here)

Anthropologie may be known for their high price tags, but not for their fragrances. They sell a vintage-looking brand called Outremer for under $20, and they make a big statement on your dressing table.

They are labeled with an art deco-inspired glass bottle. There are two fresh scents, one spicy, and one floral to match whatever mood you’re in.

Pacifica (Shop here)

If you’re looking for a vegan and cruelty-free perfume that is affordable at a Target budget, Pacifica is what you want. With tons of options, you can create a full collection of fruity or floral scents.

You don’t have to stop at perfume either. Pacifica has body sprays, scented hair mists, and rollerballs, and even solid perfumes for you to choose from. With all of them under $25, you can’t go wrong.

Dossier (Shop here)

Dossier makes affordable perfume inspired by your favorite designer brands. You can find scents inspired by Tom Ford, Le Labo, and more for less than half the price of those brands. You can take a quiz to find your perfect match, try samples, and if you aren’t sure if you love the scent, you can always return it.

You’d be surprised how similar these are to the fragrances that inspired them. And you can even get discounts on these already low prices.

Never buy expensive overpriced fragrances again. When you’re paying for a label, is it really worth it?

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