A Guide to Tipping for Salon Services

Tipping a fair amount for the service you’re receiving is an integral part of being a good customer. When we can all go back to salons again, tipping well is a great (and possibly the best) strategy to make sure you’ll find it easy to get an appointment as well as proper treatment and excellent quality service.

You intend to tip well, but what exactly does tipping well entail in a salon? The best rule to go by when in doubt it to stick with the standard 20% tip for the cost of whatever service you’ve purchased. That means for a $70 hair cut, your tip should be around $14.

However, when you’re getting extra love at the salon, you may have over one employee helping, such as assistants who are solely doing all the prep work and shampooing. Don’t forget about the other employees that helped you walk out of the salon looking brand new.

How much extra work are you creating for the person handling your service? Were you late to your appointment, or did you change your mind after the process had already begun? Did they stay late for you, or come early to fit it into your schedule? If you’re creating extra work for your stylist, the best way to thank them is with an extra-generous tip.

If you’re preparing for your next salon visit and wondering what the expected protocol for tipping the employees that help you is, keep this guide ready to quell your doubts. Just remember, tipping is something that’s always done for any service as opposed to the purchase of a product — when someone’s doing something for you, that’s when you tip. By sticking to the standard 20% rule for tipping, you will build a good relationship with your salon, and they’ll be happy to have you back. Just don’t forget to tip the assistants too!

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