6 Tips for the Long, Luxurious Hair of Your Dreams

Short hair is extremely chic and trendy but let’s face it, not all of us can pull it off. At one point or another, we have all cut our hair a little too short and immediately wanted to turn back time. Unfortunately, no product can get you long hair overnight unless you opt for extensions—which are pricey. Take a few deep breaths, and remember, it will grow back. You can even help it get there faster with some tender love and care. Your hair grows between ¼ to ½ an inch every month, but it can only reach its full potential if your hair is healthy and strong! If you are ready to start the journey to longer hair, follow these helpful tips.

  1. Get a “dusting” trim every few months 

Its a dust, not a trim! Cutting your hair may seem counterproductive to someone who wants to grow their hair out but a dust trim only gets rid of about ⅛ inch of hair all around. Dusting basically takes off just your spit ends, not your length. Split ends prevent your hair from growing as long and healthy as you want because when you have a split end and your hair breaks, it breaks much higher up the hair shaft.

  1. Condition! Condition! Condition! 

Conditioner is your new best friend! When growing your hair out it is important to make sure that your ends are in perfect shape. Applying heat, color, or styling your hair causes your hair to thin over time. So if you want to grow your hair long and fast, make sure to keep those ends moisturized, and don’t forget a head shield spray before using heat to dry or style your hair.

  1. 3. Upgrade your daily vitamin game 

Another way to promote hair growth is by taking supplemental vitamins. Some supplements that are good for hair growth are biotin, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. There are tons of hair supplements out there, but since they are not regulated by the FDA you have to make sure to look at the ingredient list.

  1. Change out your old pillowcases for silk pillowcases

Trust us, you will not regret it! Typical cotton pillowcases suck all the moisture out of your hair and can pull and damage your hair as you sleep. Silk pillowcases not only maintain your hair’s natural moisture and minimize damage and frizz to your hair as you sleep—they’re also great for your skin!

  1. Shampoo less!

Shampoo is designed to clean your hair by getting rid of dirt, sweat, oil, and build up. At the same time, shampoo rids your hair of natural oils that keep it healthy and moisturized. To maintain those natural oils, it’s best to only shampoo your hair a couple of times a week. Dry shampoo is your friend when growing out your hair!

  1. Avoid heat & be careful while brushing

Last but not least, give up the straighteners and curling irons for a bit! Embrace that natural hair. Heat causes major damage to hair that can result in split ends, breakage, and thin strands that don’t want to grow. If you want your hair to grow long and fast, you have to make sure that you prevent heat damage. Always remember to brush your hair gently starting at the ends to detangle. The healthier your hair is, the longer it will grow!

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