5 Podcasts for Beauty Lovers

Podcasts are one of the best new concepts around. Sure, it seems like we’re at peak-podcast with so many new podcasts coming out in the world each week, but when you find a great podcast, the information available makes sorting through the dregs worth it. With podcasts, there’s no subject left untouched, and beauty is no different. There are plenty of great beauty podcasts that focus on any aspect of the subject you’re interested in, whether it’s makeup, skincare, or a mix of everything.

If you’re searching for good beauty podcasts and feeling overwhelmed, we’ll take it from here. We’ve scoured the podcast world for the best beauty podcasts, and these are the top 5 around.

The Beauty Lounge (Click Here)

Let us be frank — this podcast will make you look at your beauty routine with a fresh perspective and get you motivated to take your beauty habits seriously. The host of this podcast has a great way with words, and her expertise is easily seen. We’ll admit, this is the person who got us to finally take using retinol seriously, and that alone is a big commendation.

Fat Mascara (Click Here)

The guests that have been on this podcast will quickly get you hooked — Jo Malone, Charlotte Tilbury, and Bobbi Brown. This is the podcast to follow if you’re the type of beauty lover that’s addicted to beauty tips and insider knowledge. Whether it’s hairstylists, makeup artists, or just covering the latest trends, this podcast is always informative.

Outspoken Beauty (Click Here)

If you’re always on the lookout for great product recommendations, this podcast will never leave you hanging. Voted one of the Top 10 Podcasts of 2019 by Harpers Bazaar, this podcast is hosted by a beauty journalist so you can count on facts instead of trend-influenced opinions.

The Beauty Brains (Click Here)

This is an absolute must-listen for anyone even remotely interested in beauty. With this podcast, you’re getting expert knowledge on all things beauty and learning the science-side of why certain products work and what to do with your beauty concerns. This podcast hosts real scientists that will answer all your burning beauty questions, like whether the vitamin C in your products is more of a marketing ploy than a working ingredient, what peptides in skincare are and do, and even how cosmetics can impact the environment. Prepare for some beauty education with this podcast.

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