Zero-Waste Lifestyle Hacks

We are all about anything we can do to reduce our waste and carbon footprint. And if these things are simple? Even better! Here are some quick and easy zero-waste lifestyle hacks.

Heavy on the Reuse

We’re firm believers that most things can be reused. Think of all those glass containers in your fridge right now. Instead of throwing them away, soak the labels off and reuse them for food storage. Not only is this a brilliant way to reduce waste, but an assortment of glass jars will give your kitchen some simple eclectic vibes.

Chasing Waterfalls

Do you let the water run while brushing your teeth? Instead of letting that water run down the drain, collect it to use later in the garden.

DIY Paper Goods

To save on paper goods, cut up old T-shirts or towels to make rags or dish towels. Even if you reduce paper usage slightly, the Earth will appreciate it.

Stocky Build

Save onion peels and other vegetable scraps to make broth. The next time you want to make a pot of homemade soup, you’ve already got hearty vegetable broth to build on.

Go Paperless

It’s not always possible to go paperless, but make the conscious choice to do so when you can. Concert tickets, utility bills, and online catalogs are good examples of simple ways to reduce paper usage.

Naked Vegetables

At the grocery store, skip the plastic bags to put your produce in. You’ll have to wash them when you get home anyway, so you might as well nix the extra waste.

No More Plastic Straws

Say no to plastic straws whenever offered. If you must use a straw, consider a silicone or metal one (preferably one with a compatible cleaning brush).

Cup of Joe

If you need your morning java, consider using a French press, which doesn’t require filters or pods. You can then buy coffee in bulk and store it in one of the glass jars you saved. If you can’t turn your back on your Keurig, use a reusable cup to make your coffee less wasteful.

Opt for Cloth

We love makeup wipes as much as the next person, but instead of buying pack after pack, try using a microfiber cloth to remove your makeup.

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