Why Is Staying Hydrated So Important?

Keeping up with your H2O consumption is beneficial to your overall health. Why? Water flushes out toxins, speeds up metabolism, boosts immunity, and more. The lasting effects don’t stop there. Here are just a few more reasons why staying hydrated is so important.

Helps With Weight Loss and Weight Management

Drinking plenty of water makes you feel fuller, which helps keep hunger at bay. Water has also been linked to increased metabolism and burning more calories. Oftentimes, dehydration masks itself as hunger. So, when in doubt, drink a glass of water before reaching for another helping.

Regulates Your Internal Temperature

When you get sick, what’s the first thing your doctor tells you to do? Drink more fluids. Keeping yourself hydrated is vital for maintaining the immune system and gives your body the strength to rid itself of toxins, germs, and viruses. Drinking water is especially important when you have a fever as it can help stabilize your body’s internal temperature.

Lessens the Effects of Allergies and Lung Conditions

Naturally, the brain sends signals to the body when it’s dehydrated, telling organ systems to do everything they can to hang onto the water present in the cells. The respiratory system is in on this mission, and its response causes the lungs and their counterparts to shrink breathing passages, triggering symptoms associated with allergies and asthma. H2O opens up the airways, making breathing easier and eliminating coughing spells.

Helps Prevent Hangovers

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it rids the body of water faster than it can physically take in. This results in hangover symptoms like headache, dry mouth, and fatigue. If you drink water in between alcoholic drinks or gulp a large glass right before bed, you can better fend off dehydration associated with drinking.

Alleviates Joint Pain

Cartilage, which is designed to minimize friction between bones, is composed of a whopping 80% water. What happens when we don’t keep up with water intake? These cartilage areas become less effective in keeping joints lubricated. That pesky joint pain can be reduced by hydrating yourself throughout the day.

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