Why is Everyone Obsessed with Horoscopes?

From predicting your future career to advising you with romantic choices, horoscopes are a go-to place for inspiration and guidance in all aspects of life. Why is it we love them so much though?


When you’re going through a tough time in your personal life, whether it’s relationship problems, friendship troubles or money worries, horoscopes can reassure you that your situation may only be temporary. If reading your daily horoscope gives you any form of reassurance or helps you feel you’re not alone in your situation, then it’s worthy of your time!


Horoscopes can also give us a glimpse into our future which can help give us hope and inject a little excitement into our lives. For example, you may want a change in career, or to relocate to a new city but something is holding you back. Sometimes your horoscope can give you a subtle sign to just go for it, and if you feel like it’s ‘written in the stars’ then you’re definitely more likely to take the risk.


Are you ever in a negative mood or mindset and you just can’t seem to shift it? Have you lost all motivation or just feel you’re in a bad space? Horoscopes can provide an insight into why this might be in terms of astrology. So yes, blaming ‘Mercury is in retrograde’ for all of your life’s problems IS a valid excuse.

New Outlook 

Although going to your friends and family for advice is always great, sometimes it’s useful to look at a situation from a totally different perspective. Your horoscope often explains situations in a certain light which might make you consider your life or situation differently. This can definitely be a positive thing as it can open up new possibilities in your mind.

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