What’s Causing Your Headaches?

Whether chronic or occasional, headaches are a nuisance. However, in order to get rid of them, we have to understand why they happen in the first place. This list of possible culprits should provide you with some insight to prevent, or at least reduce the frequency of, headaches.


Water is so important to the body for various reasons, including to help to avoid pesky headaches. When you are dehydrated, your brain experiences fluid loss. In response, it pulls away from the skull, which is what causes the headache. Of course, the simple solution is to drink plenty of healthy fluids throughout the day.


Stress is commonly associated with headaches, so any type of stress-relief technique, whether exercising, watching television, or curling up to a good book, can help alleviate both problems in one.


Are you a coffee addict? If so, you’ve likely experienced headaches on days where you didn’t get your morning cup (or cups). Conversely, if you drink too much coffee, you can also end up with a killer headache.

When your body is used to a certain level of caffeine (which is addictive), it will essentially go through withdrawal without it. Now, we’re not saying you need to quit cold turkey, but if you are getting frequent headaches, try gradually reducing your daily caffeine intake over time.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Your diet affects so many facets of your life, but did you know that what you eat – or don’t eat – can also lead to headaches. Specifically, aged cheeses containing tyramine, and processed meats with nitrates have been linked to migraines. Additionally, alcohol can lead to headaches, and not just by means of hangovers. Some alcohol can trigger migraine headaches within three hours of consumption.

Lack of Sleep

Never underestimate the importance of a good night’s rest. A 2011 study found that lack of sleep increases the creation of proteins that can cause headaches. Essentially, these proteins create tension by removing the body’s threshold for pain.

The reasons we get headaches are plentiful, so it comes down to our ability to pinpoint the problem and correct the issue. Take time to learn what’s behind your headaches so you can bid farewell to them once and for all.

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