What Is Cake Eyeliner and Why You Need It in Your Makeup Bag

If you follow makeup trends, especially on Instagram, you may have noticed all your favorite creators are sporting fluid, colorful eyeliner. How do they get this look? Many of them are likely using some form of cake eyeliner. But, what exactly is cake eyeliner?

The History of Cake Makeup

Although it might seem like it, cake eyeliner and other cake makeup products are not new to the beauty world. In fact, cake mascara initially gained popularity in the 1920s – everyone raved about the product because it was both long-wearing and long-lasting. Recently, Bésame released its own version of cake mascara to bring back nostalgic memories from a century ago.

Original cake mascara products were made by several brands between the 1920s and 1950s. (The most popular brand is one we still love today: Maybelline.) Of course, over time, cake mascara formulas were updated to avoid bringing harmful ingredients into the eyes. According to Cosmetics and Skin, “Automatic mascaras, what we know as mascaras today, did not gain popularity until the late 1950s.”

How do you use cake mascara, and why was it all the rage?

Surprisingly, cake mascaras are extremely simple to use. The product is molded in a tin and comes with a small brush for application. Simply add a drop of water to the container, swirl the brush around, and apply the product to your lashes. It can also be used for eyebrows and as a substitute for eyeliner.

Cake Eyeliner

Cake eyeliner today is entirely different from the original cake mascara: It’s modernized, colorful, and versatile.

Cake eyeliner makes application 10 times easier. It gives you a completely different look from pencil or liquid liners. All you need is a thin liner brush and water!

What are the brands behind modern cake eyeliners? What makes them so unique?

Suva Beauty

Shaina Azad founded Suva Beauty in 2015. (Suva is named after her birthplace: Suva, Fiji.) When you hear about her extensive background in business and as a makeup artist, it’s no wonder she created a massively successful beauty brand. Her exciting personality and eccentric character shine through each product she develops.

Being a makeup artist herself, Shaina knows exactly what products makeup artists need in their kits. She incorporates intense pigmentation, blendability, and mixology into her creations.

Suva’s cake eyeliners are activated with water and easily mix together to create your own shades. They are transfer-resistant, opaque, and vegan-friendly.

Products to Check Out:

Suva UV Hydra FX Liner in Scrunchie ($14, shop here):

Suva offers a wide range of cake products, but its Hydra FX liners are UV-activated, meaning your face will glow in the dark under a black light! This product will help make a statement.

UV Hydra FX Palette in Taffies ($30, shop here):

If you can’t decide on a specific color, Suva also offers cake eyeliner palettes. They have the same formula as the individual liners, just packed in a more convenient palette. “Taffies” will make sure you get your pastel color fix. If you know color theory, try the “Primaries” palette – you’ll have unlimited eyeliner colors.

Glisten Cosmetics

Founded in 2017 by two friends, Glisten Cosmetics taps into our youthful and experimental side. This indie brand from the UK has made waves in the makeup world by creating unique and innovative cake products.

While it originally started as a glitter brand, it now has an extensive and fun product range.

Products To Check Out:

Split Liner in Raspberry Punch ($10, shop here):

Glisten Cosmetics’ Split Liners give you two colors for the price of one. There is a wide variety of shades from which to choose, making it easy to build up your eyeliner collection.

This collection is perfect for achieving an ombre look — or mixing with other shades to create a new one. All you need is your favorite eyeliner brush and a drop of water. Let the fun begin!

Wet Liner Build-a-Bundle (Prices vary, shop here):

If you plan on buying in bulk from Glisten Cosmetics, you can build your own bundle. (You’ll receive a discount when purchasing this way!) Choose from the original wet liners or the split liners — there are hundreds of possible combinations. If that isn’t enticing, we don’t know what is.

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