What Happens When You Skip Hair Washes?

To wash your hair daily or not wash daily…that is the question. While many experts nowadays recommend the latter, a lot can happen when you don’t wash – like increased hair moisture and greasiness. So, how often should you wash your hair? Look out for these impacts of skipping washes and find out what they mean!

Your Hair Looks Thinner or Thicker

After a few days without washing, your hair may start to change. Some people are blessed with hair that appears thicker and more luxurious over time, but others might notice their hair looks weighed down, thin, or stringy. What’s the difference? Texture. People with fine hair tend to have adverse reactions to oil buildup. The oil lets fine hair stick together, making it appear thinner. If this is the case, you can extend the time between washes by soaking up that oil with a good dry shampoo. You can also style your hair in a way that disguises the textural change!

Dust or Dandruff Buildup

Between washes, you may notice some white flakes in your hair, as oily hair can cause dandruff. It could also be dust, which naturally collects in our hair from other surfaces that we come into contact with (like pillows or hats). If you can see dust or dandruff, consider making time to wash. For a quick fix, brush the flakes out of your hair and touch it up with some dry shampoo.

Increased Hydration

Not everything that comes from skipping washes is bad – in fact, it can be good for your scalp, particularly if you have curly hair. Leaving time between washes gives the scalp ample time for oils to travel down the hair strands, which takes longer when hair has more texture. When thick, curly hair begins to look greasy or when curls start to feel dry, then it’s time to wash.

Fading Color

If you color your hair, your washing habits will impact color duration. Washing colored hair too often can cause the dye to wash out. Ask your stylist for the best course of action when caring for your colored hair.

Washing your hair every day isn’t for everyone: Each head of hair has unique needs and reacts differently to oils and products. If you don’t yet know your perfect haircare routine, look for these signs to know when it might be time to wash!


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