Tips for Working Out “Better” During That Time of the Month

As much as we love a good sweat sesh, when we’re on our periods, we prefer to spend the week curled up on the couch with our trusty heating pad, pizza, and our favorite binge-worthy show queued up on Netflix. But here’s the thing: We know we’ll feel better if we get some exercise. So here are our best tips for working out during your monthly.

Go Low

Low-impact exercises like Pilates and yoga can simultaneously tone, stretch, and relax your muscles. They can also boost blood flow, which can help alleviate period pain and cramping.

Avoid Core Workouts

If you experience menstrual cramping and bloating, we recommend holding off on core-intensive workouts until your symptoms are gone.

Pain Relief Prep

Aches and pains during that time of the month are normal. To keep yourself from feeling miserable during your workout, we recommend taking an OTC pain reliever before you head to the gym.

Slow It Down

If you love a good run, consider slowing it down to a brisk walk or gentle hike outside. Running can be hard on your body during your period, but a nice walk can lower your stress levels while increasing mood-boosting hormones like serotonin.

Dress the Part

A very real fear many of us have when working out during our period is the possibility of bleeding through. (Hey, it happens to the best of us.) Avoid this by wearing darker gym clothes and making sure that your shirt covers your booty – just in case.

Give Yourself Time to Rest

If your body is screaming for an afternoon nap or an additional hour of morning sleep, we beg you to listen to it. Getting ample sleep during your period is essential. And your metabolism and blood sugar levels will thank you.


Your body thrives when it’s hydrated, but it’s especially important that you drink lots of water while you’re on your period to keep bloating at bay. And, if you can help it, try to limit salt and caffeine intake.

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