These Insta Accounts Will Inspire Your Next Home Makeover

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There’s a good chance you’ve become sick of at least one area of your home. You know you want to make some exciting, bold changes – but where do you begin? Here are a few of our favorite maximalist interior design Instagram accounts!


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Very Gay Paint is a Los Angeles company run by comedians Nicholas Scheppard and Jenson Titus, who say they “use ancient gay wizardry to turn your walls gay with paint.” Their Insta account showcases their murals – like geometric, retro, and landscapes – as well as elaborate illustrations and painted furniture creations. You will find no shortage of bright colors and rainbows.


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This Insta account celebrates LGTBQ+ artist Richard O’Gorman, who recently gained popularity from appearing on Interior Design Masters. Richard loves to decorate with murals, but he takes it one step further with mirrors, brightly colored furniture items, funky light fixtures, and house plants. These maximalist designs flip the old script about using color sparingly.


(image via @maximalist.interiors)

This account run by a Scotland-based interior design company will fulfill all of your maximalist dreams. Their designs rely heavily on colors and unexpected decorative items like leopards, lobsters, cacti, and brightly colored radiators.


(image via dazeyden)

DazeyDen showcases the colorful designs by Dani Dazey, who specializes not only in interiors but also fashion and textiles. She creates one-of-a-kind spaces for her clients using a combination of colors, patterns, foliage, metal elements, rugs, baskets, blankets, glass, fringe, and more.


(image via @apartmenttherapy)

If the above designs are a bit too eccentric, you can find similar yet subtler ideas in Apartment Therapy’s Instagram feed. This account shares images submitted by its followers – many of them containing elements of maximalist design.

Your home reboot doesn’t have to be just a variation of past trends. These Instagram accounts will inspire you to make bright, bold moves that bring your interiors to life!

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