The Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language: Is It Worth It?

Learning a foreign language is no easy feat. It takes dedication, patience, and continual practice. So, given the amount of effort required to learn a new language, we must ask ourselves: Is it worth it? While we can’t answer that for you, here are a few benefits to learning a foreign language to help you decide for yourself.

Career Implications

Learning a new language can provide a competitive edge in the workplace, setting you up for growth in your organization or opening up additional career paths that weren’t previously available to you.

It Improves Memory

Learning a language means taking time to exercise your brain, which increases its ability to retain information, recall and apply knowledge, and overall improve your memory.

It Results in More Creativity

When you learn a new language, you’re immersing yourself in another culture, which means you no longer see the world through only your perspective. This change in perspective gives your creativity a chance to soar. While you may not become the next Picasso, you can increase the creative juices flowing through your brain.

It Helps With Your Travel Plans

Have you always wanted to visit a particular country but felt uncomfortable due to a language barrier? Learning a new language helps set you up for success in this regard, allowing you to communicate effectively and better enjoy the destination you’re visiting.

It’s a Happiness Booster

While the link is circumstantial, there is a connection between achieving goals and achieving happiness. Learning a new language is a process ridden with goals and aspirations. As you reach these goals, your level of happiness is *almost sure to increase.

Preserve the Past

Many languages are becoming extinct due to fewer and fewer people knowing how to speak them. If you enjoy a good history lesson, learning a new language may just be a way to help preserve a culture’s heritage.

Learning a new language is challenging, but it’s not impossible! Use this list up to you to decide whether the time you put in is worth the outcome. If you decide it is worth it, these tips may help with your endeavor.

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