Style Tips for Our Tall Besties

Let’s face it: If you’re tall, it can be a pain to find clothes that fit! Pants hit way above where they should, tops expose the torso, and let’s not even talk about those sleeves that are inches above your wrists. If you’ve found yourself settling for athleisure wear, we’re here to help! Read on for some expert styling tips to get you looking and, most importantly, feeling your best.

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Balance Proportions With Every Outfit

Being tall means different things to different people. You may have legs for days and a shorter torso; on the contrary, you could have shorter legs and a longer torso. Everybody is different, and this takes us into our first style tip: Balance your proportions. You can do this in various ways, but knowing and understanding your body’s proportions is the first step to help you figure out which pieces you need to be buying “tall.”

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Know and Understand Your Measurements

This is especially important for sleeve lengths and pant inseams. For example, you’ll probably stumble upon pairs of jeans that are labeled “mid-rise” but fit more like a low-rise. So, more than likely, you’ll need to hunt for high-rise jeans because they will fit like a mid-rise.

Create Your Own Curves

If you’re lacking in the curve department, create your own by French-tucking tops into high-waisted jeans. It’s that easy!

Do NOT Listen to Anyone Who Tells You Not to Wear Heels

Why did this ever become a thing? If you are tall, work those heels!

Be Mindful When Layering

Layering can be difficult when you’re tall since you have the added headache of tops not hitting you where they should. Start with your outer layer, then work your way in, finding pieces that are either shorter than your outer layer or can be modified to be so. For instance, if you’re rocking a duster cardigan, French-tuck your shirt into your pants. It creates balance and a curvier silhouette.

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Try On a Jumpsuit

Nobody can do a jumpsuit like a tall girl!

Find a Tailor

If you were a fan of TLC’s What Not to Wear, this tip was embedded into your brain. But the show was onto something. Having a tailor ensures that the pieces you buy will fit your body, which is usually worth the investment!

Share your own tall girl style tips in the comments below!

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