Recovering Lost Sleep on Weekends

Do you feel like you’re getting enough sleep? The sleep-deprived can recover on weekends by closing the gap between needed sleep and actual sleep, but they will feel the effect of an irregular sleep pattern. While some believe recapturing lost sleep on weekends makes up for poor sleeping habits during the week, it will not bring your ability to concentrate and focus attention to its full potential.

Building up a general sleep debt contributes to you falling victim to poor sleep during the week. You are more likely to vary bedtimes and wake time in a pattern that is irregular and inconsistent. The best plan to stay away from sleep debt is to aim for a regular schedule and to get more of the sleep you need during the week.

Then, on weekends you should try to get to bed within 60 minutes of your weekday schedule.

Most of us need about 7 and ½ hours of sleep each night and nearly everyone who gets less than 6 hours will see their health and performance suffer.


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