Put THIS on Your Gift Registry

If you’re getting married, it can be tough to decide what to put on your registry. Here are a few recommendations to get you started!

Bedsheets And Bathroom Set

You will always need sheets – and multiple sets at that! Start with a lighter set for summer and a thicker set (think: flannel) for the winter. No matter the variety you settle on, don’t forget to request at least two sets so you can switch one out as you wash the other. And don’t forget the robes and bath mats!

Table Linens

If you will be hosting holiday celebrations, it’s a great idea to register for some festive table linens! For Thanksgiving, opt for a beige, burnt orange, or maroon. For Christmas, you might want a tasteful red or green. Spring gatherings call for pretty pastels. Add any color your heart desires to your registry. A family member will feel extra-special during the holidays when they see you use the item they gifted you.


If you have a drawer full of mismatched forks, spoons, and knives, your wedding registry is a great opportunity to get a cohesive set that feels more “ours.” Be sure to find a quality set that will last for years to come.


Much like your silverware, it’s probably time to upgrade your collection of plates, cups, mugs, and bowls. Of course, you can add your dream china to your wedding registry, but don’t forget to add everyday dinnerware, too. Pick a nice, neutral set, then add a backup set for replacing any broken dishes.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Your registry should contain the kitchen appliances you’ve wanted forever but never bought, like a toaster oven, an air fryer, an espresso machine, or a KitchenAid mixer.

Honeymoon Fund

Asking for contributions to your honeymoon fund allows your guests to donate any amount of money that they want. Use it for luggage, plane tickets, adventurous excursions, or poolside cocktails – it’s your call! You can also sign up for a service such as Traveler’s Joy, where instead of just cash or check, guests delegate their money to more specific honeymoon purchases, including hotel stays, tours, activities, and more.

Building a wedding registry doesn’t have to be stressful. Assess your home and determine what you need, then add it to the list.

Do you have any wedding registry recommendations? Share yours in the comments below.


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