Outside-the-Box Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Everyone has a different idea of how a Valentine’s date should play out. Some people want the typical roses, chocolates, and love letters, but others prefer a night thats a different type of date night. In this article, we’re not giving you the rom-com version of what to do this Valentine’s Day; we’re thinking outside the box, presenting you with date ideas you may not have thought about until now!

Book a Ghost Tour

We know some Spooksters are reading this, so how does a guided ghost tour sound? Book one that includes beer or spirit samples to spice up the night.

Check Out a Comedy Show

Did you know that laughing with your SO can increase attraction and reduce stress? So why not get tickets to a live improv or comedy show? You could also browse Netflix and choose from one of the many comedy specials.

Create Some Unique Playlists

Use your go-to music streaming service to create a playlist of songs that speak to your relationship. You could each create one for the other, then listen to the music while you dance, drink, and reminisce.

Visit Your Local Bookstore

Calling all bookworms! If you both enjoy reading, a trip to your local bookstore is a great and affordable way to celebrate the holiday. For a cool bonding experience, choose a book together, take it home, and take turns reading aloud.

Visit a Rage Room

Do you have some built-up tension or stress? Instead of taking your aggression out on each other, book a rage room and blow off steam together. Smashing things you wouldn’t be able to break at home can release stress physically and can lead to an emotional release, so don’t be surprised if leads you to a deep conversation after!

Consider a Takeout Tour

This one’s for the foodies. Don’t limit yourself to one menu this Valentine’s Day. Instead, go on a takeout tour of your hometown and try a little something from each place. If you’re having trouble choosing, rip up some paper, write a restaurant on each piece, crumble it up, and pick out a hat.


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