Nursery Design Inspiration

Are you expecting a baby soon? Decorating your nursery is a big deal! You probably want to make it cozy and aesthetically pleasing since you and your baby will spend a lot of time there. But with seemingly endless design options, it can be difficult to figure out how you want your nursery to look. Here are a few examples that we hope will spark some inspiration!

If You Have a Small Nursery Space

(image via marly dice)

Just because your nursery is small doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Small rooms can feel overwhelming because you are not sure you can fit everything you need, but you can with some multipurpose furniture! Include light wall colors, earth tones that will pop, and baskets for storage. A great example of a small nursery was shared by @marlydiceblog.

Midcentury-Modern Nursery

(image via union of art, inc/houzz)

Midcentury-modern design works for any room, including nurseries. It allows you to use muted tones, graphic shapes, and vibrant colors that pop while fusing outdoor and indoor elements. We love this midcentury-modern nursery from @in_vest_homes.

Nursery in the Clouds

(image via @jessicalouise.home)

A dreamy theme for your baby’s nursery can create a soothing setting. Decorate with clouds and soft, neutral colors to give the room the feeling of serenity and peacefulness. We love this heavenly nursery from @jessicalouise.home.

Shared Rooms

(image via @conveythemoment)

Even if your newborn is sharing a room with a sibling – or you – it can still be a perfect sanctuary. We love this shared sibling room example from @conveythemoment; @bohohobohome gives us an example of a nursery in a primary bedroom. Use multipurpose furniture and make the most of the space, and you will make it work!

Gender Neutral

(image via love property via mamas & papas)

Whether you opt not to learn the sex of your baby ahead of time or love the look of neutral colors, wood furniture – dark or light – works for any gender. We love this gender-neutral nursery from @mindygayerdesign. For additional inspo on gender-neutral nurseries, Love Property has a ton of examples.

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