Natural Deodorants That Actually Work

Finding an all-natural deodorant that works can be quite complicated, mostly due to all the different brands that market their products as “natural”. We decided to try some natural deodorants out and rank the best and most effective ones so you don’t need to try them all yourself.

Crystal Body Rock Deodorant

The great thing about this deodorant is that it will make your skin soft and smooth. In turn, you’ll find it much easier to shave and won’t experience razor burn or bumps! We think it’s due to the minerals in the formula.

JASON Pure Natural Deodorant

It’s effective at controlling odor, and the tea tree oil helps prevent bacteria and fungus from flourishing on the skin in hot, humid climates. If you have sensitive skin, you should try this product out! Pair it with Jason Tea Tree Body Wash for the full experience.

Ethique Botanica – Solid Deodorant

We love this deodorant! We’ve tried at least a dozen of the leading non-toxic deodorants out there, and this one blows them all away. It smells great and keeps us feeling fresh. Even though it’s not labeled as an antiperspirant, it does drastically reduce sweat for us.

Lavanila Deodorant

We’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now, and we love it. We have already seen a big difference in red bumps. We read that baking soda is what discolors your underarms. It was tough finding natural deodorants that don’t have baking soda, so we were pleased to find this product.

Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant

We used this product all summer long, and it is the best natural deodorant we’ve used. It doesn’t leave ANY residue on your clothes, smells good, and provides lasting odor protection. We’ve also used the spray, and enjoy that as well. We don’t find that we need to reapply throughout the day, either.

Anthony Alcohol-free Deodorant

It has a basil/citrus smell to it, which is listed in the ingredients. We love the scent but wish it was a bit stronger. If you are someone who gets sweaty or produces a strong body odor, this deodorant won’t hide it 100%.

Dr. Hauschka Deodorant

If you have sensitive skin, this deodorant is right for you. It’s lightly scented so you won’t be left with overpowering pit scent.

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant

We have been using this one for a very long time. It has a light fruity smell and doesn’t stain your clothes. Not only does it smell great, but it’s also aluminum-free. Using aluminum-based antiperspirants may lead to the development of breast cancer. Oh, and as a bonus, it’s also alcohol-free!

JASON Dry Spray Deodorant

As far as natural deodorants, this one is by far the best we’ve tried in terms of all-day odor protection. It neutralizes odor, lasts all day, leaves no residue on clothes, and has a pleasant woodsy scent. Many other brands don’t work as well.

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