Must Have Apps for Bookworms

If you’re a bit of a bookworm, you’ve likely built yourself a home library of some of your favorite novels. Those bookcases may house literary classics, modern hits, and even a shelf or two of un-read reads. Nevertheless, who doesn’t want to add to their collection? Here are a few apps that all bookworms should have tucked neatly away on their application shelf.

Goodreads (click here)

Keep a tab on your current reads, prospective reads, and past reads with this amazing app. Essentially a social media feed for book lovers, Goodreads is one of the best apps out there for tracking your books.

Some of you may have a running list on a piece of notebook paper, while others don’t track their reads at all. This app is perfect for any reader: tracker or not. Goodreads will help you will never lose track of a book again.

Plus, you can communicate with your friends, see what they’re reading, join various book clubs and discussions, and so much more. So if you’re looking for a social, literary community that you can join from the comfort of your own home, this is the place for you.

Book of the Month (click here)

As an avid reader, you’re likely on the lookout for the next best book 24/7. Book of the Month is a subscription service where users can choose up to five books every month. These reads are delivered right to your doorstep.

And that’s not even the best part. Book of the Month offers first looks into some of the biggest, upcoming releases, giving its members premiere access to authorial debuts, anticipated works from well-known authors, and even insight into some celebrity (guest judge) favorites. If you’re a (book) shopaholic, this app was made for you.

Libby (click here

Like all hobbies, reading can occasionally break the bank, resulting in a dwindling shelf and to-be-read list. However, with Libby, you no longer have to toss so much money towards books.

Libby is a virtual library app that links your local library card to its vast array of options. So even as the pandemic rages on, your connection to library books is still stronger than ever. Link your local library card to the app, and voila; you have access to all of their published works, both in ebook and audiobook format.

The only downside is the occasional waiting list, and obviously the fact that there is a return date for all books, but for those of you with a need for reading speed, neither obstacle will be a problem.

Audible (click here

Let’s start with the caveat that audiobooks are not for everyone. That being said, some individuals enjoy listening to a book on the way to work or at home.

Whatever the reason, if you’re a book lover, Audible is a solid app to have on your phone, even if only used occasionally. Some books have more impact when read by the someone else, and are worth trying at least once. Plus, you can always go back and get a hard copy of the book!

Reading is a great pastime, though our desire for more is never satiated. So as you continue building up your home library with more and more of your favorites, take a look into these apps to keep track of what you’ve read, keep tabs on what you haven’t and continue accumulating a killer collection.


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