Making Those Favorite Summer Dresses Fall Staples: A Guide

Just because it’s almost fall doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Summer dresses can easily be transitioned into cooler months – and we’ve created this guide to prove it!

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Add a Leather Jacket

If you love juxtaposition and creating contrast with your outfits, then this first tip is for you: Pair a leather jacket with your favorite summer dress. Frankly, we think the more delicate the dress, the better. Not only will you stay warm, but you’ll be achieving a trendy and edgy look. We love the idea of then topping off this outfit with a pair of Dr. Martens and delicate jewelry.

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Pair a Tee Underneath

This is a great tip for early fall when you need an extra layer, but it’s still not sweater weather: Rock a short- or long-sleeved tee under a slip dress. Basically, just turn any old dress into a jumper. Plus, you’ll be en vogue with the brilliant ’90s-revival trend. Bonus points if you tie a flannel around your waist. From there, pair with chunky shoes or retro sneakers.

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Add a Blazer or Trench

We talk about blazers a lot, but that’s because they’re subtle yet bold pieces that can take practically every outfit to a new level. Pair your favorite summer dress with a blazer or trench coat and pointed-toe flats, slip-ons, or sneakers, depending on what vibe you’re going for.

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Add a Sweater

Wearing a sweater over a dress is a playful way to take your summer staples into the fall. There is no right or wrong way to do this; you can play around with the lengths of your sweaters and dresses. Our favorite is layering a sweater over a maxi dress and pairing it with accent booties or chunky platforms.

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Add a Denim Jacket

Next up, we have our old standby: the denim jacket. This is an easy layer to add to take your favorite dresses into the fall. If you find a regular jean jacket boring, opt for one that’s too big so you can wear it a little off the shoulder. Or, find one with some destruction (or make it so), fringe, pins, or antique brooches.

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A Fitted Turtleneck

We mentioned throwing on a T-shirt under a dress for some extra warmth, but now we want to emphasize the power of a fitted turtleneck – a chic way to get some of those summer pieces fall-ready. It’s important that your top is fitted to avoid any extra bulk or rolls under your dress. We love a striped turtleneck under a solid dress, especially when paired with ankle booties.


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