Keeping Your Clothes Fresh and Clean for So Much Longer

Whether you’re a capsule wardrobe person or a queen of your local thrift stores, one thing we all probably experienced is how quickly clothing can start looking, well, not so fresh and clean. No worries, because we’re here with ways to keep your clothes looking brand new for a long time!

Choose the Right Washer Setting

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We can’t stress enough how important it is to read the care instructions on your garments (you would be surprised by the number of pieces that say “hand wash only”). Washing your clothes according to their tags is vital to keeping them looking like new because it will eliminate any unnecessary wear and tear from your machine.

Dry Garments Properly

If you find that your clothes are aging rapidly, it could be because of how you are drying them. Rather than throwing everything in the dryer (we know it’s so convenient!), place wet clothes on a rack, towel, or clothesline.

Use a Mesh Bag

If your washing machine doesn’t have a gentle cycle, try washing your clothes in a mesh laundry bag. This will prevent your garments from getting tangled, snagged, or ripped during the wash cycle.

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Skip the Dry Cleaners

If you have nice pieces that require dry cleaning, try investing in a handheld steamer. Don’t get us wrong: Some trips to the dry cleaner are necessary. But the process can be rough on clothing. A steamer and laundry freshening spray will get your wrinkles out and give your garments the freshening-up they need.

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Turn Clothes Inside Out

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Washing your clothes inside out can significantly increase their lifespan. This simple hack helps ensure the insides of your clothes get the brunt of the damage caused by your washing machine. It can also help prevent colors and dyes on clothing from fading as fast!

Opt for Cold Water

Warm water wears down clothing much quicker than cold water. So save the hot water – the dryer will do the disinfecting!

Choose Your Detergent Wisely

All detergents are not created equal! For instance, powdered detergents can be harsh on clothes, so it’s best to stick with liquid. Some detergents claim to keep colors bright, (so don’t use it on dark colors!) while others claim to prevent shrinking. Research carefully and read the reviews!

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