JOMO Is the New FOMO

JOMO is the new FOMO. There, we said it. Are you wondering what JOMO and FOMO mean? FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. Let’s say all of your friends are out having a great time, but you’re home in your pajamas watching them on social media. You’re worried you’re missing an epic night.

JOMO, on the other hand, stands for Joy Of Missing Out. JOMO is being home in your comfies, watching those same videos your friends are posting, and being totally happy that you decided to stay home to watch Netflix.

The Year of JOMO

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to enjoy the present. Enjoy downtime at home with your family or your dog. Enjoy not having to say yes to plans. Enjoy being healthy and safe. We used to be so fixated on filling our schedules with workout classes, happy hours, appointments, dinners, and everything in between that we forget how nice it can be to take time to rest.

Last year, we may have read more books than we thought possible, went on more walks than ever before, and spent more time relaxing, cooking, and staying social via Zoom. We talked about our futures, how our days were going, and more of the little conversations that often got pushed aside when we were busy or overrun.

2020 was the year that taught us about JOMO. We have joy in “missing out.” But what are we actually missing? Being exhausted when our alarms go off in the morning? Having killer hangovers? We’re not missing out on any of that. Instead, we’ve gained a new appreciation for the little everyday things.


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