Is It Possible to Maintain an Acne-Free Face?

Is it possible to maintain an acne-free face? Experts say yes; the trick is to find a routine that works for your skin – and keep up with it. Once you’ve narrowed down your skincare regime, don’t forget these tips!

Choose Skin-Friendly Makeup

We love makeup, but unfortunately, it can cause breakouts. To combat this, look for skin-friendly products, like those labeled noncomedogenic or oil-free. Also, be sure to wash your hands before applying makeup. And if you use brushes or sponges, clean them as often as possible. And, finally, never go to bed wearing makeup!

Be Wary of Your Hair Products

The hair products you use, like sprays, oils, and gels, can transfer from your head to your face and penetrate the skin, blocking pores, causing irritation, and creating buildup underneath the surface. If you have naturally oily hair, wash it more frequently and keep it away from your face.

Don’t Pop!

When you see a pimple forming on your face, resist all urges to pop! We repeat: Do not pop! This inflamed area consists of oil, sebum, and bacteria trapped underneath the outer layer of skin. If you force the pimple open, it risks contaminating other parts of the face with the same bacteria, potentially forming more pimples. You also risk scarring. Pimples are a good defense mechanism against bad buildups, and they’re considered a natural healing process that the face has learned over time.

Fine-Tune Your Diet

Processed foods, dairy, alcohol, and anything with refined sugars can cause breakouts. Minimizing your intake of these foods may lessen your acne, though dietary triggers differ per person. Always speak with your doctor before adhering to any diet.

What are your favorite skin-loving products? Share them with us in the comments below!

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