How to Style Graphic Tees

There’s something undoubtedly cool about a graphic tee. Whether you’re representing your favorite band, TV show, or retro movie, a graphic tee adds a carefree air to any ensemble. But the best part? There are about a million ways to wear one. Today, we’ll break down our five favorite ways to style a graphic tee that’ll work for any occasion.

Graphic Tee and Blue Jeans

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You can never go wrong with a classic! The most popular way to wear a graphic tee is with your favorite pair of denim. Whether they’re ripped, skinny, flared, or mom jeans, they’ll be sure to complement your shirt beautifully. Since jeans are a bulkier material, tucking your shirt at the waistline will give your silhouette more dimension.

Graphic Tee and Trousers

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Though it may seem strange to pair such a casual top with sophisticated bottoms, the result is an outfit that screams “model off-duty.” Wearing a graphic tee with a great pair of trousers (we prefer high-waisted) looks complex and deeply thought out, when, in reality, it didn’t take long to put together at all! If this look is a little too dressed-up for your occasion, you can finish it off with a pair of sneakers and a heavy denim jacket.

Graphic Tee Over a Maxi

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Balancing femininity and masculinity is as simple as pairing your favorite bodycon maxi dress with an oversized graphic tee! The pieces emit a cool juxtaposition that, depending on your accessories, can be worn day or night. If you want to add some dimension, tie a string or thin belt around your waist (over the shirt) and pull on the top of the tee to replicate a “tucked-in” look.

Graphic Tee Over a Turtleneck

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A graphic tee can be rocked year-round when worn over a turtleneck! To do this look justice, match your turtleneck and tee combo with a pair of distressed jeans and casual shoes. Though the look gives off skater vibes on its own, you can make it a little edgier by tucking in the tee at the waistline and cinching it off with a chunky leather belt. Swap out the sneakers for a pair of combat boots, and you’re ready for the mosh pit!

Graphic Tee and Linen Pants

(image via pinterest via zaful)

Now, this is farmer’s market chic! Nothing beats the earthy feel of a pair of cotton or linen pants: They’re easy to slip on, breathable, and go with every style of top, including a graphic tee! Linen pants add a breezy aura to your T-shirt that a pair of jeans just can’t do! Since this outfit may look a bit heavy (especially if both pieces are on the larger side), accessorize with delicate touches like dainty jewelry, strappy sandals, or a mini handbag.

Did we miss any of your favorite ways to style a graphic tee? Let us know below!

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