How to Spark Your Creativity

Whether you work in a traditional medium like writing, painting, or design, or your job requires creative problem-solving, finding inspiration can sometimes be a challenge. Here are a few ways to overcome a creative roadblock!

Build “Nothing” Time Into Your Schedule

All too often, we’re moving so fast through our to-do lists that we rarely take the opportunity to pause. But breaks are so important for sparking those creative juices! So, build time into your schedule to “do nothing.” For some, this means deep breathing; for others, it means a walk around the block. Either way, you’ll be more likely to find inspiration along the way.

Ditch the Phone

If you’re glued to your phone, you’re likely constantly looking at other people being creative. But if you want to find that creativity within, you have to be with yourself, not lost in the digital space. Even if you’re only turning your phone off for an hour a day, you’re slowly distancing yourself and focusing on the moment rather than what’s happening on social media and elsewhere.

Keep a Journal

Jotting down your thoughts and ideas is so important (even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time). No, not every idea is a good one, but it’s still worth writing down. You never know what idea it could spark something else down the road. Keep a journal to write down those thoughts as they arise and ensure you’re keeping track.

Hop in the Shower

Rain is commonly associated with new beginnings in literature and television. Similarly, when you let the water from the shower pour over you, it washes away the things you want to leave behind and lets you look ahead to the future. By the time you emerge, you’ll feel like a new person, and before long, you’ll feel the creativity again!

Listen to Music

Music is all about creativity. It could spark your own creative mind by setting a mood you’ve been looking for or inspiring you with lyrics. Try putting on some music in the background and see if something speaks to you.

Have a Glass of Wine

While we don’t condone turning to the bottle for inspiration, a glass of wine could loosen you up just enough to get your creative juices flowing. It can take the edge off, open your eyes, and remove barriers to your creative mind. If you’ve got an idea right on the tip of your tongue, a nice Malbec might just loosen you up enough to let it take hold.

What are some techniques you use to spark creativity? Share them with us in the comments below!


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