How to Rock a One-Piece Bathing Suit

Gone are the days of the busty bikini and the teeny weeny tankini, the poolside star of this summer: the one-piece bathing suit. With stylish cuts, straps and accessories, there’s no need for women to show their skin to increase attraction from both males and females. Sometimes less is more.

Sending a strong message about body positivity, when it comes to swimwear, the one-piece suit is no longer perceived and promoted as a secondary option. When covering the mid-section there are other ways to display body confidence and sex appeal: high leg, low back, cutouts, strapless, plunging neckline and bold florals. A mix of sexy and sporty, the style of suit provides designers the perfect starting point and women of all ages, sizes and shapes a fun shopping experience. Since the trend is likely to change by next summer, make sure to beat the heat with a new suit and matching pair of shades. To take advantage of the full feels, read on.

Know Your Body Type

When it comes to hitting the beach and wearing a swimsuit, you can’t hide under over-sized clothing but you can disguise under the right layers. It’s all about keeping cool, chilling with friends and catching a wave or two. To feel comfortable heading to the changing room and dropping the towel, know your body type and emphasize your best features.

For the best experience: shop (in-person) at a swimwear-specific store, try on a number of designs and bring a friend to browse and buy. Tip: don’t be shy about asking the sales associate for help – they know the product. Plus, they have likely seen tons of different bodies slipping in and out of suits (no judgment there). Suits sometimes come with matching sarongs to drape around your waist. They come in all colors; with embellishments and without! 

Depending on your lifestyle, feel free to double up on the cover up with a thin long sleeve (and multi-functional) suit. This design is not only great for water sports, but also sun protection – the perfect combo of convenient and cool. From swimming laps to sun tanning, forget about swapping suits when switching activities. This time around, it’s easy to find an all-in-one, one-piece to grab and go. 

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