How To Plan A Date With Yourself

We hear plenty of emphasis placed on the importance of having a healthy relationship with yourself and on developing self-love. Ultimately, self-love is about caring for yourself the way you would for another person and holding positive feelings about yourself. Practicing self-love is a crucial part of being happy and maintaining a good understanding of yourself that can provide you with the confidence to protect your needs and pursue your goals.

So how do you build up your self-love?

There are a variety of ways you can work on developing more self-love, but one of the easiest and most rewarding is to plan a date with yourself. That’s right — you’re taking yourself on a date. While it might seem a little silly, it’s a very effective method for building up your sense of self-love.

Think about it; we go on dates with other people all the time because dates are a great way to enjoy another person’s company and have a good time. Why not enjoy your own company and have fun? Planning a date with yourself is a great way to develop a healthier relationship with yourself and learn to enjoy spending time on your own. Ironically, these are both qualities that make a relationship with another person much more satisfying and healthy.

The When

When planning a date with yourself, start just as you would with any other date; when is a good time? Make sure you set plenty of time aside for your date with yourself just as you would for a date with another person.

The What

Next, choose what you’ll do on your date. Try to imagine how much effort you might put into planning a date with another person and then match that effort when planning your date with yourself. That’s the whole point of this — train yourself to take care of yourself and enjoy spending time alone by treating that alone time as just as good as time spent on a date with another person.

Your final step is to have your date; whatever you do, don’t cancel on your own date. Give yourself the respect you would give another person — don’t cancel or give short notice and definitely don’t stand yourself up at the last minute. Follow through with planning a short and simple first date for yourself, and soon you’ll be planning many more, and enjoying the renewed sense of self-love that planning a date with yourself can yield.

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  1. I’m going to give this self date a try! Especially while COVID-19 IS running ramped!

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