How to Make New Friends as an Adult

Let’s face it: Making new friends can be scary no matter how old you are. But the older you become, the harder it gets. We already know we don’t enjoy the feeling of rejection, and we’re shorter on time (which is, unfortunately, what you need to build friendships). But the thing is friends matter. Good, strong friendships carry many potential benefits, including decreased stress, speedier recovery when sick, increased longevity, among other things. So let’s look at how we can make friends as “adults”…or whatever it is we are.

In With the Old

Reconnecting with old friends is a great way to ease into the whole “making friends” thing. You already know these people, and while life has probably drastically changed, you already have common ground, whether it’s your awkward middle school days or college years. Connecting with an old friend is as easy as scanning your Facebook friends list and asking them to meet up for coffee.

Social Media BFF

There are apps and social media platforms for just about everything these days, and, believe it or not, making friends is one of them. Apps such as Meetup, Bumble BFF, and Hey! VINA are all designed to help people make friends with people who have similar interests and hobbies. You can also look on Facebook or Instagram and seek out local groups with similar interests as you.

Put It on the Calendar

Building friendships takes time and effort. So when you make plans with someone, set a date and a time, and put it on your calendars. Now you both know this is happening, and you’ll have less excuse to bail, so don’t bail! (You’ll thank yourself!)

It Is Rarely, if Ever, About Quantity

Committing to hanging out with a lot of people is exhausting, so our advice is to focus on the people with whom you genuinely want to build deep, lasting connections.

Say Yes to New Adventures

Accepting invitations is all fun and games until social anxiety kicks in. But keep in mind: You wouldn’t have been invited if the other person didn’t want to spend time with you. So if you are asked to do something you’ve never done before, consider yourself lucky: You now have the opportunity to broaden your horizons. And even better, you’ll learn new things about yourself – and maybe find your new favorite hobby.

Join a Club

Most communities offer local clubs and organizations centered around shared interests – and are great places to meet new friends. Your public library is a great source of information, as are local universities, bookstores, community event centers, and of course, the internet.

Be the Good

Volunteering at a local organization is another excellent way to meet like-minded people. Whatever cause is near and dear to your heart, be it your local animal shelter or the preservation of historic buildings, volunteering at these organizations will open the door to friendships with people that care about the same things as you.

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