How to Give Your Fine, Limp Hair Volume and Lift

Voluminous hair is a dream for most women. However, it isn’t always easily achieved. If you have fine hair, getting it to look voluminous can be quite a task. Piling on products can result in your hair looking even less full. Below are a few of our best tips on how you can give your fine hair some volume.

Don’t Part Your Hair

If your hair is parted perfectly, it’s going to lay flat. Also, if you can see your scalp, it makes your hair look a bit thinner. To avoid this, after parting your hair, take a small section, and loosely flip it over the part. This will give your hair some added lift. Throughout the day, if your hair starts to settle in place, you can take a section and flip it to the other side. You’ll get extra lift since your hair was used to laying the other way.

Use a Toothbrush

Take a new toothbrush and use it as a teasing brush. This works well because the bristles on the toothbrush are soft and will give your hair some lift without making the teasing visible.

Use Brow Powder

You can use a brow powder on your hairline and part to make your hair look thicker. Use a small brush and a brow powder color that matches your hair to fill in the sparse areas on your hairline. This will make your hair appear fuller and will help frame your face. After applying the product, don’t forget to use a hair spray to set it in place so that it can last for a whole day.

In The Shower

Great hair starts with the products you use in the shower. Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that promise more volume.

Avoid Using Too Much Styling Foam

Styling foam can help you achieve the look you want, but don’t overuse it. Excessive amounts of mousse can pull your hair down, especially if you have naturally thin hair. This will make your hair heavier, making it difficult to achieve the volume you desire.