How to Find and Support Sustainable Businesses in Your Community

Shopping locally is one of our favorite ways to limit our environmental impact, and supporting sustainable local businesses is even better. In this post, we’ll share our top tips for how to find and support sustainable businesses near you.

Finding Sustainable Businesses

Finding sustainable businesses in your area can be a challenging first step, but once you get over that hump, you’ll be on your way to supporting them.

Online Research 

Everything is online these days, so it makes sense to start with a Google search. For more targeted results, you can find certified sustainable businesses on B Corp or Green America.

While anyone can claim to be “sustainable,” it’s worth confirming they’ve met specific criteria before adding a business to your list.

Ask Around

Discover sustainable businesses by asking others where they shop. If you have friends, family members, or neighbors who shop sustainably, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Explore on Foot 

When in doubt, you can always walk around your neighborhood to visit local businesses. Talk to owners or look for certifications on the walls from places like Fair Trade USA and LEED.

How Can I Support Sustainable Businesses?

So, you’ve found a list of sustainable businesses in your area…now what? Below are some ways you can help.


The best way to support local, sustainable businesses is by shopping with them. Instead of ordering items online that require shipping, buy locally.

Engage With the Business

When you find a business you want to support, let them know! Engaging with business owners is very positive, and you can help them improve when you give them constructive feedback. Ask how you can help them expand their mission.

Spread the Word

Leaving positive reviews online or sharing a local business on your social media accounts can go a long way. When friends or family ask you for recommendations, point them toward the sustainable companies you’ve been supporting.

More Tips For Shopping Sustainably

Here are some more habits you can adopt to become a more sustainable shopper.

Buy Sustainable Products 

Look for eco-friendly and ethically sourced items. Try to limit your purchases of unnecessary packaging and things made of harmful materials like plastic. Instead, go for bamboo or recycled plastic products.

Support Small Businesses 

Support small businesses whenever you can. They’re usually more sustainable than larger corporations since they most likely leverage local suppliers. Family owned and operated businesses will also share more of your values and have a stronger commitment to the environment.

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