How To Feel Put Together While Working From Home

Working from home has so many perks—no commute, having your dog as a new co-worker, and wearing comfortable clothes all day. Eventually, though, the novelty of staying in your pajamas all day wears off. We all like feeling put together, it even helps us be more productive. Changing out of your pajamas in the morning and making some small changes in the routine will do wonders for your WFH life. Here’s how to feel put together and focused while working from home:

Don’t wear your pajamas

While it’s so tempting to roll out of bed and start working in your pajamas, you could be creating a sluggish feeling that will last throughout the day because you haven’t given yourself the right mental cues to go into work mode. Changing out of your pajamas in the morning will send a signal to your brain that it’s time to clock in for the workday. Before you turn on your computer, put on a comfortable, but still professional, work from home outfit. This could be anything from a chic matching sweat suit to a cute and sporty shirtdress. Loungewear counts! Just make sure you change out of the clothes you slept in—and wearing the same outfit you wore yesterday doesn’t count.

Make grooming a priority

Just because you’re not seeing anyone in person doesn’t mean you don’t need to groom yourself in the morning. Brush your teeth and brush your hair. It will give you a sense of normalcy that you may be craving.

Make a designated workspace

We don’t all have space in our homes for an office but, with a little creativity, you can designate any space as your work-from-home area. Your kitchen table makes the perfect desk and is already set up for you. Just make sure it’s kept clutter-free and clean so you can stay focused. If you need a quiet space, a corner of your bedroom is perfect.

Find a routine

Finding a routine and sticking with it throughout your workweek will help you differentiate the week from the weekend. If you liked hitting the gym after work, make sure you schedule your workout or your run after you’re finished with work for the day, just as you would pre-quarantine. If you used to make your lunches the night before, continue pre-making them so you can maintain a similar schedule each work day. Whatever it is that you used to do pre-quarantine, find ways to stick with it at home throughout the week.

These are just a few tips to make yourself feel more put together while working from home. While things continue to return to a revised state of normalcy, let’s enjoy this work from home life that we’re living now, before we return to cubicles. Time to go pour another cup of coffee!

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