How to Create a Healthy Home Environment

Quarantine has taught us many things – resilience, respect, awareness, and knowledge of the importance of a healthy home environment. Having been stuck in quarantine for three months with end dates constantly changing has many people looking to make changes to their space in order to feel more at peace, refreshed, and organized. Where does one start and what helps build a healthy happy home environment?

Tips for creating a healthy home environment

Make your bed every day!

Making your bed every day is a really small task that can have an incredible impact on your day and overall happiness. It sets a good tone in the morning that it is time to wake up and is so nice when you get back into your cozy made up bed when it is time to sleep. It also makes your room look extra tidy and clean.

Do a quick tidy up of every room each morning

This doesn’t mean that you need to do a deep cleaning each morning, but doing a quick tidy up of every room in the morning can clear up the clutter collected throughout the day before and gives you a sense of having a fresh, clean space every morning. Better yet, do it at night!

Start Shopping Small or for sentimental pieces

When you shop for small, unique pieces, they end up meaning more to you and living in your home for longer. When there is something in your house that you look at every day and think about how much you love it, it creates a welcoming and at home feeling in your home.


An organized life leads to an organized mind, and an organized mind is a calm mind! It has been proven that decluttering and living a more minimal lifestyle, not only in possessions but also decor can be very soothing and mood-boosting.

Bring on the Plants

Nature heals everything, and why shouldn’t all that goodness be brought inside your home? Having plants, real or not have been proven to increase happy feelings. There are so many indoor plants that thrive and are very low maintenance, making it easy to turn your home into a mini comforting jungle!

Hang some pictures!

Make your home feel like yours by hanging your favorite photos of your family, friends, and loved ones! Pick your happiest memories and throw those in a beautiful picture frame so that they can be on display for you to see every day. When you see those photos, there is no way they won’t put a smile on your face.

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