Home Decor Items from Amazon For an IG-Worthy Home

Sure, we go to Instagram for fashion inspiration, but home decor inspo is a close second. We love interior design, and the following are some of our fave IG-inspired pieces to elevate your space.

Faux fur pillows

Nothing beats a good fur pillow to add texture and color. These faux fur pillows from Amazon are perfect for your living room, bedroom, or even a guest room. Every house needs fuzzy accents, right?

Modern floor lamp

Adding a trendy floor lamp to your living room, bedroom, or even your family room can brighten a space. Not only does it create a very calming and relaxing mood with its soft light, but after the sun sets, it adds the extra radiance your room needs.

You can also control your lights with Alexa via the Philips Hue Bulbs to set the right mood and brightness for true IG inspiration.

Bathroom jars

A lot of struggle comes with keeping the bathroom beautiful and tidy, especially when shared. Things tend to get messy very fast, and these little glass jars make things so much easier, more organized, and contribute to much prettier bathroom selfies.

Faux cowhide rug

Faux animal rugs are now very popular in modern homes, and most celebrities and interior designers swear by this trend. They add a subtle rustic feel to any space.

Laundry baskets

Bet you didn’t know laundry baskets can look stylish. Sure, you can display them as laundry baskets. Or, you can use them as lovely decorative items to store some throws in your living room or extra towels in your bathroom.

Chair hammock

Having a chair hammock indoors is pretty much the dream! Hang up a pretty hammock chair on your patio, porch, or even in your bedroom corner.

Essential oil diffuser

Having a pleasant calming smell in your house completely changes your perception of the space, plus they look unique and make a great decorative addition!

LED light strips

LED light strips have been trendy on social media lately. The lights change the mood of every room, depending on the color you choose. The lights are remote-controlled, so you can enjoy playing around with the designs.

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