Halloween Costumes Fit for a Fashionista

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Good things take time, and that includes good Halloween costumes. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite fashionable costume ideas, many of which can easily be put together from pieces in your closet or local thrift store. Let’s get started!

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Alexis Rose from Schitt’s Creek

Are you a Lamborghini? Are you a Hollywood star? Then you should consider being a little bit Alexis this Halloween! Aside from learning the lyrics and killer dance moves, all you need is a crushed velvet minidress and some over-the-knee boots. Fashionable, fun, and you get to perform all night!

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Elle Woods

The perfect costume… What? Like it’s hard? This Halloween, we’re all about strong, confident women portraying other strong, confident women – and who is more strong and confident than Elle Woods from Legally Blonde? All you need to execute this costume is a pair of pink cropped pants, a sparkly pink top, a furry pink coat, and a square-toe acrylic wedge. With the current ’90s-’00s revival, these pieces can easily be found to create this perfect Elle-approved ensemble.

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Cruella De Vil

If you’ve always dreamed of dressing like an evil Disney fashionista, now is your chance. We aren’t sure what would be more fun to pull off: the black-and-white hair or the over-the-top slinky dress, jewelry, and leopard-print coat. We have faith that with a little determination, these pieces can be found within the walls of local thrift stores – with no harm done to any Dalmatians, of course.

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Frida Kahlo

If you love bright colors, bold patterns, and the idea of portraying perhaps one of the most iconic women ever, then we suggest Frida Kahlo for your Halloween costume. Kahlo was a woman ahead of her time in many ways, and one of those ways was through fashion. Pair a bright floral maxi skirt with a colorful embroidered top, a neutral off-the-shoulder wrap, and, of course, that notorious flower crown. Top off the look with some jewelry. If you’re really dedicated to the costume, add some makeup to your brows to make them appear super-full.

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It’s showtime! You have probably seen the Tim Burton classic Beetlejuice, but if not, it’s totally worth a watch as we approach spooky season. We love the idea of making this costume a little bit more feminine by pairing striped pants or a skirt with a striped blazer, a skinny black tie, and Dr. Martens. You simply can’t forget the green hair and dead, tired eyes to complete the look.

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If you love old-school horror films, you may have come across Carrie at some point. In sum, Carrie is considered the weird girl, and all of her classmates team up to play an awful prank on her (Never Been Kissed style, but worse). What they don’t know is Carrie is capable of far worse things just using her mind. This makes for a simple, vintage-inspired Halloween costume: a chic pink prom number, a tiara, and, if you’re feeling a little gory, top off the ensemble with a bucket of fake blood. (If you know, you know.)

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