Get Ready for Spring With These Outdoor Activities and Exercises

It’s finally time to start thinking about warmer months and what outdoor shenanigans we will get into this spring.

Check out some of our favorite outdoor activities and exercises below!

Make the Outdoors Your Gym

Warmer temperatures mean you can head outside for your workout instead of being huddled up in the gym. Do some push-ups in an open field. Pretend that the curb is a balance beam. Bring those weights outside to do some lifting. Whatever your workout routine is, transition it to an outdoor-friendly event and soak up some extra vitamin D.

Head to the Beach

Spring temperatures near the coast might be cooler than farther inland, but they definitely create a comfortable climate for a run. So throw on some layers and take your morning jog to your local beach. Remember: Beach runs exert more energy compared to running on smooth ground or a treadmill, so you’ll get in a good workout while enjoying the scenery! If you’re not a fan of running on the sand, other beach activities such as swimming, volleyball, or surfing are also great exercises.

Play Golf

When the winter snow fades away, golf courses flourish. Golfing is a good way to get some physical and mental exercise. Grab friends and family or sign up for a match with a partner.

Try Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a fun activity that lets you feel the breeze and breathe in some fresh air. It’s okay if you’re wobbly at first. Just focus on your posture and hold the reins tight. If the horse starts to gallop, just relax, and crouch down like you are giving them a loose hug.

Go Fishing

Head to a local fishing spot for some casual catch-and-release fishing or aim to catch some fish to take home to prepare for dinner. Just be sure to understand the local fishing laws and license requirements in your area.

Rent a Kayak

Kayaking is not only an excellent workout but being out on the calm, open water can be great for your emotional and mental health. If you don’t own a kayak, research where you can go in your area to rent one for a day.

Try Paddleboarding

With paddleboarding, you’ll work your upper body, legs, and core all at the same time. You can keep it laid-back or add some intensity where you see fit.

Which outdoor activities are you most excited to try this spring? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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