Free Yourself From the Scale With a “Don’t Weigh Me” Card

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Do you struggle with the scale? Does the number you see upset or trigger you? Is it hard for you to be weighed in front of others? Rest assured, there is a solution for your scale and weigh-in concerns, and it has been a game-changer for many people across the country. Here, we discuss the “Don’t Weigh Me” card and how you can avoid scale discomfort at your doctor’s office tomorrow.

What Is the “Don’t Weigh Me” Card?

The “Don’t Weigh Me” card is the modern answer to a decades-old source of anxiety. The paper cards are the size of a credit card and read: “Please don’t weigh me unless it’s (really) medically necessary” and a stipulation in smaller print that says, “If you really need my weight, please tell me why so I can give my informed consent.” The cards were created by, a website whose authors seek to empower parents to raise their kids free from the harm of eating disorders. This movement of empowered scale resistance has extended to people of all ages and walks of life who seek scale-free doctors’ visits whenever possible.

Why Are “Don’t Weigh Me” Cards So Popular?

Many people struggle with the unrealistic body expectations society places on us. For this reason and many others, the scale can be a source of anxiety and societal shame. When we are weighed in front of other people, it can make this negative experience worse. Many people have found that the “Don’t Weigh Me” card is a minimally confrontational way to launch a proactive approach for self-preservation.

How to Get Your Cards

You can order your cards online by going to the website. The cards come in packs of 5 – or 100 if you’re a professional provider, and are shipped directly to you. Cards in French and Spanish are available.

How to Use Your Cards

Keep your cards in your wallet so that they are readily available to remind yourself that it’s perfectly fine if you don’t automatically step on your doctor’s scale. Present the card to your doctor or nurse prior to approaching the scale in the office.

Remember: Even without a “Don’t Weigh Me” card, you have control over what happens at your doctor’s office. If you prefer not to step on the scale, politely requesting not to be weighed can be an equally effective option.

Do you have a “Don’t Weigh Me” card? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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