Five Things You Don’t Need, But They Might Make You Happier

Here’s the thing, not every purchase needs to be essential, especially if they are little things that bring joy. Sometimes we buy things because we need a pick-me-up or a little smile. Perhaps a small frivolous purchase fills that desire in our souls for something new and pretty! Life is hard enough; that’s why simple joys should be obtained on occasion. If you agree, scroll to discover five small-but-mighty joys to add to your cart this week. If you don’t agree, scroll to become a convert.

  1. Candles

As soon as you read that, did you immediately enter into a state of zen? There is no problem too big that a great smelling candle can’t fix – or at least that’s how it can feel. Do you need a candle? Probably not, but putting extra effort into ambiance can make your home feel like more of a welcoming and enjoyable place. As any candle connoisseur knows, candles range in price, so you can go as luxe or budget-friendly as you’d prefer.

Treat yourself with my favorite scent from Diptyque (click here)

  1. A Luxurious PJ Set

With the focus being on luxe, this purchase is a big splurge. On any given night, Hanes sweatpants and an old college T-shirt work, but if you really want to get yourself something to boost your mood, look into a silky soft pajama set. Nothing says self-care quite like slipping into an oh-so-bougie sleepwear set. While the price tag can be daunting, luxury sleepwear makes you look and feel like a queen. Discover premium brands on Instagram, like the one listed below, that features quality and durability. Personally, I love that Lunya silk is washable, so the upkeep is easy.

Treat yourself to sleepwear from Lunya (click here)

  1. A New Planner

Nothing (and I mean nothing) turns my day around like opening up a fresh planner. It’s like getting a restart on life. While this may read as a bit dramatic, try it for yourself. Side effects include staying organized, feeling optimistic, and brightening your mood. Using a planner gives you the space to list things you’re looking forward to, like upcoming events, activities, or goals. Additionally, if you used it as a to-do list of sorts, the satisfaction of crossing things off a to-do list is one of life’s greatest simple joys.

Show off this beautiful planner from Rifle Paper Co. (click here)

  1. Plants

Plants have become a true staple in the household. Not only do they add life to every room, but there’s a certain thrill associated with getting a new plant, finding it the perfect spot, and playing the high-stakes game of keeping them alive. Home doesn’t need a plant, but every home is better with one.

If you live in NY, I recommend stopping by The Sill. If not, no worries; you can shop their selection of plants online. (click here)

  1. Ice Cream

That’s it. That’s the recommendation – and, go!

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