Escaping the Idea of “Busyness”

While some people thrive when they feel busy, others are overwhelmed by the thought alone. Minimizing the feeling of busyness isn’t as challenging as it may seem, and it can actually make you more productive. Here are a few ways to escape that idea of “busyness” in order to get through your to-do list.

Stop Talking About It

When you fixate on the idea of being busy, you are subtly suggesting that your time is somehow more valuable. Instead of claiming you are “too busy” to take on additional projects or attend social events, there are other ways to do so, such as taking a rain check, offering an alternative option, or simply explaining that what you’re working on takes precedence.

Keep Your Schedule Flexible

When you feel swamped at work, tasks can become difficult to prioritize, organize, and plan for. To minimize the impact this feeling of “busyness” has on your work, keep your schedule flexible. This enables you to walk away when you need a break, provides you with built-in times to handle any unforeseen projects, and allows you to optimize your windows of productivity as they arise throughout the day.

Minimize – But Don’t Skip – Breaks

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re actually accomplishing things. For this reason, taking breaks is essential. With that said, make sure they are productive breaks so that you are ready to work when you return to your desk. On this same note, don’t take a break when you’re in the middle of a productivity burst.

Minimize Busywork

Busywork is the killer of productivity. While it may slightly contribute to crossing off items from your to-do list, busywork can prevent you from accomplishing more important assignments. Instead, try limiting tasks (such as weeding through your inbox) to an hour of your day. This way, you’re not falling back on it when you don’t feel like doing other work, but it’s still getting accomplished and not piling up in the meantime.

Keep Positivity High

Busyness is linked to stress, especially when it’s thought about in a negative light. To combat this issue, remain positive when feeling busy. This will help you to keep your priorities in check and reduce your stress.

Embrace What Motivates You

Lastly, it’s important to lean into what motivates you. Balance your schedule so that you’re accomplishing tasks you enjoy amid projects that feel more grueling. You’ll likely feel more productive and less busy. Pay attention to your feelings and continually check in with yourself to keep your spirits lifted.

What are some ways that you escape the idea of busyness? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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