Common Foods You Should Not Put In The Fridge

If you always find yourself stuffing your fridge with food until you can no longer see anything, you might want to reconsider what you put in your refrigerator. You may think all of your food will be preserved in the cold temperature, but there are some common foods you shouldn’t refrigerate!


Avocados should always be kept at room temperature to ripen properly. If you place them in the fridge too soon, you will most certainly end up with a bland and hard texture.


Onions and garlic should never be refrigerated. While the fridge keeps your food fresh, it is also very humid and will most likely make your onions moldy and mushy quickly. Instead, store them in a pantry or directly on your countertop to make them last longer.


Just like avocados, bananas tend to ripen better at room temperature. They will go bad in the fridge, and their skin will turn black when they are taken out.


If you ever watch cooking shows, you’ll notice limes and oranges are always kept on the countertop because it helps them stay fresh longer. But if you like to have your citrus fruits cold, feel free to put some in the fridge, especially if you plan on eating them soon.


Cooking oil tends to do well in warm temperatures, so storing oil in the fridge will only make the oil go rancid much faster.


Same as onions, and any root veggies, potatoes tend to rot faster in the humid fridge. It’s always better to store them in a dry, dark place.

Squash and pumpkins

These winter veggies can last up to a month in your kitchen, so there’s no need to take up unnecessary space in your fridge. Plus, they make for lovely kitchen décor.

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