Best Time-Management Apps for Optimizing Productivity and Focus

Keeping track of everything at work while staying focused can be difficult. There are different tips and tricks for balancing work tasks and projects, but one method we think works wonders is using a time-management app. Check out the list of some of our favorites below! (Links are in the headlines).


Habitica makes staying productive fun by gamifying the process. It is a habit-building app that treats your tasks and life events as a game. You receive in-app rewards and punishments to motivate you to achieve your goals. It is great for schoolwork, work tasks, and staying on track with your health and fitness. Get for iOS or Android.


A fantastic app for group productivity is Quire, which allows team members to be in control of their time and work with a focused list view that helps them prioritize, visualize, and arrange projects. Using Quire with your team at work or school helps everyone stay organized and promotes transparency because each team member knows everyone else’s progress as each project develops. Get for iOS, Android, or Desktop.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is excellent for solo users, freelancers, and teams. It is an intuitive time-management app that allows users to be accountable for their time and work. You can decide the level of detail you want to include, create visuals and reports for clients, and choose how to filter and sort all the data you input. Get for iOS or Android.

[email protected]

[email protected] is a subscription-based productivity app that stands out because its concept was developed based on research by scientists, musicologists, and producers. The app features music specifically designed to help people focus by reaching the decision-making part of their brain. Get for iOS, Android, or Desktop.


Todoist works across multiple platforms, making it easy to create, share, sync, and prioritize tasks and projects. If you have a Todoist Pro plan, you can also set reminders. We love having the ability to see productivity visualization and activity history to see how we are doing and what we’ve accomplished. Get for iOS or Android.

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