At Home Date Night Ideas

Now that it’s starting to get chilly outside, you may be less inclined to go out on date nights out with your significant other. But that doesn’t mean you should forgo date night altogether. Here, we present a list of indoor date ideas to keep the romance alive when you don’t feel like leaving the house.

Date in a Box

There are a number of websites that offer “dates in a box” (Good Housekeeping has rounded up this great list). You can also support small businesses on Etsy that create themed dates in a box as well. Or, if you’re creative, each partner can customize a date box for the other on different nights.

At Home Brewery Experience

If you and your partner are beer drinkers, head to your local liquor store and look for locally brewed beers. When you’re ready for your date night, serve up the beers from lightest to darkest. See which ones you love and which you won’t try again. Play a board game or card game while you drink, just as you would at a brewery in the city.

Pizza Night

Try your hand at making pizza at home: Buy a premade sauce and dough – or create your own from scratch. If you’re looking for recipes, check out this dough recipe from The New York Times and this sauce recipe from Joy Food Sunshine. Cooking together allows you to spend quality time together that you might not usually get, plus a delicious meal to share when you’re done.

Couples Q&A Session

If you’re staying in for date nights during the colder season, get a couple’s questions card set that caters to meaningful conversation and quality time. Some of our picks: {THE AND} Dating and Couples Editions, the Best Self Date Deck, and We’re Not Really Strangers Couples Edition.

Couch Co-Op Game

If you and your date enjoy gaming, find a couch co-op that you can play together, such as Mario Kart Deluxe, Resident Evil Re:Verse, and Unravel Two. These are just a few of the many co-op games you can choose from!

Charcuterie Night

Instead of cooking, go simple by creating a charcuterie board with your favorite cured meats, cheeses, spreads, berries, and other fruits. Pop open a red wine or sparkling drink of choice. While you eat, you can watch a movie or listen to your favorite music. Make it an intimate date night in.

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