A Positive Body Image Is More Attainable Than You Think

If you’re like us, then there are days when you struggle with feeling good about the way you look. It’s natural to feel this way sometimes, but there are steps you can take to attain a more positive body image. The tips below can make a world of difference to your self-confidence!

Avoid Comparisons

Imagine this scenario: You’re at an event wearing a knockout dress, feeling fabulous, when another woman walks by in the same dress. You think the dress looks better on her, and immediately, your confidence plummets. Thoughts like these can ruin your good time!

Research has shown that comparing yourself to others causes low confidence and feelings of envy and sadness. So, cutting back on the comparisons is the first place to start on your journey toward a more positive body image. Try it! You’ll save yourself the pain of self-imposed shame and may even wear that fantastic outfit again!

Appreciate How Your Body Functions

Your body is a powerful entity that does incredible things – and you’ll feel more proud of it if you take some time to consider how many wonderful functions it performs for you every day. When you acknowledge that your body helps you breathe, move, eat, dance, and laugh, you give it due credit for enabling you to enjoy your life. You’ll begin to feel more grateful for the wonders of the human body – even your own!

Shut Down Your Inner Critic

That voice inside your head that tells you things are wrong with parts of your body can wreak havoc on your mindset over time. Commit to overpowering that negative voice by tuning it out and replacing it with a more positive one. The next time you hear yourself destroying your confidence with negative body-shaming talk, recite some powerful affirmations and shut down that inner critic for good!

Stay Off of Social Media

Social media can be seriously destructive to your body image – if you let it! Limiting your time on these platforms may be necessary to avoid exposing yourself to the “perfect” bodies and unrealistic beauty standards that leave you feeling deflated. While cutting out social media may be tough in the short term, your self-image can benefit from it in the long run!

What are some ways that you maintain a positive body image? Let us know in the comments below!

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