5 Simple Efforts that Help a Healthy Relationship Thrive

Whether your relationship is in its beginning stages or you’re a couple of years down, it’s essential not to forget simple efforts. We all know that relationships take work, so it’s normal to experience a few strains or difficulties. However, investing your efforts into a few simple actions can help strengthen your connection and help you grow together as a couple. Here are five things you can do to remind you of the joys of having a true partnership.

  1. Check On Your Partner

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your head and forget to check on others; it happens. Showing that you’re genuinely interested or available for your partner can make all the difference in a relationship. Your partner feels acknowledged, and it can lead to healthier communication as the relationship continues.

One of the best ways to include this new habit might be a mid-day text to ask how their day is going. Or follow up on how their day went after coming home in the evening. It may be one question, but this shows that both parties care.

  1. Make Plans Ahead of Time

Whether you’re working remotely or not, busy work lives start to take over personal time, and it’s especially hard to find days or evenings on the calendar to spend with each other. Both parties find themselves caught up in their routines – particularly if you’re in the long-term phase.

Make it apparent you want that person in your life by carving out time to meet up and spend quality time together. Try making reservations to a nice dinner for Friday night, planning an at-home date night, or scheduling a sweet weekend trip for just the two of you.

  1. Take a Personal Day Together

Nothing shows you care more than using PTO to spend the whole day with each other. While it may seem small, taking an entire day off sends a big message! It’s small moves like these that show you’re willing to take the extra step to be with that person.

If you’re able, you could make the day more fun by planning a fun day trip! You could take a trip to the beach, pack a picnic for a short hike, or visit a new town together for an outdoor walk.

  1. Actively Listen

This step seems easy, but it can sometimes be the most difficult. There’s nothing better than lending an ear to someone who needs it – especially when that person is your partner. Whether it’s their best day or worst day, it’s often better to listen than to say anything.

Be sure to take time to genuinely hear what your partner is communicating. There are too many times where people listen to reply instead of digesting what’s said.

  1. Small Surprises

A small surprise does not mean you have to spend large amounts of money. Think of these surprises as small gestures to show you appreciate your partner. For instance, try making your significant other breakfast in the morning or sending them a sweet text while you’re away or at work. These acknowledgments and small efforts show that you’re thinking of them.

  1. I look forward to reading your tip every morning! Small reminders to live a better life! Thank you, Diane

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