3 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Work Day

It’s Thursday and you’re ready for the almost weekend – after all, it’s basically Friyay. Come Thursday eve, the last thing you want to do is think about tackling your long work to-do list for the next day. To avoid feeling the rush and ensure a successful workday, follow these night before and morning of tips and tricks to totally crush your morning routine, outfit of the day, commute and office life.

  1. Show Some Tupperware Love: make your lunch the night before

Although it’s a pain to meal prep (in general), take your dish and dine skills to the next level by not only cooking in big batches, nibbling on leftovers & planning your daily dinners for the week on Sunday but also packing your lunch/snacks the night before.

Everyone likes some extra shut-eye and no one likes a mad dash in the morning – cut your fruit, chop your veggies, make your sandwich, create your salad and select your snacks before bedtime.

Things to remember: ditch the brown paper bag and buy a re-usable lunch bag, store your food in containers with sections or compartments and add your water bottle to grab and go.

  1. Flip Through Your Closet & Fluff: pick your outfit of the day the night before

Similar to making your lunch in advance, styling your look and picking your outfit of the day will allow you time in the am to catch up on the news, collect your thoughts and rest & relax – even if it’s just for a few minutes. Flip through your closet, mix and match for the win, fluff your pieces of clothing and hang your wear – to be ready and waiting. This way, you’ll always look so fresh & so clean (slash presentable) at work. Tip: don’t slip up on casual Friday.

  1. Press Play: select a playlist or podcast to ease your commute

Since the days of listening to the radio are oh so over, select a playlist or podcast that will promise a good start to your day. Whether you’re into soft tunes, beast-mode beats or crime junkie casts, tune in, zone out (of course, figuratively) and hit the highway. Just maybe, you’ll make it to work without honking the horn or raging on the road.

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