10 Things You Can Do This Summer If You’re Single

If you don’t have a beau this summer, don’t worry. Being single means it’s time for YOU. You don’t have anyone else to worry about but yourself—how nice does that sound? That means you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and with whomever you want. The only person who has a say on what you can or can’t do is yourself, which means the opportunities are endless. If you’re a fellow single lady this summer and are looking for the perfect agenda to keep yourself busy, look no further. We’re coming at you with the ideal to-do list for single ladies all summer long.

Try Dating Apps

Being single means you can go on as many dates as your heart desires. Be fun and spontaneous and play around with different dating apps if you’re looking for some excitement. You’ll never know who you’ll meet!

Spa Day

Nothing sounds more relaxing than a spa day to recharge. And if you’re not keen on going by yourself, invite some friends and make it a girl’s day.


The summer months are the best time to get in shape. The weather is beautiful, so it’s the perfect time to be outside. Go for a run in the early morning or afternoon, do some outdoor workouts, or go for a swim!


There’s no better excuse to shop when you’re single… right? Check out your local mall or adventure into some vintage stores and play around with style.

Go To The Beach

The beach is the perfect place to relax, catch up on some reading, and top off your tan. Go alone or go with some friends and get yourself some Vitamin D.

Go Out For Drinks

Happy hour thrives in the summer, so going out for some drinks at a bar is the perfect opportunity to put yourself out there and meet new people. Make sure you check out some rooftop bars—they come alive during the summertime!

Go On A Road Trip

A road trip is the perfect opportunity to explore a new place with the companion of some great friends. Venture somewhere close or far—no matter where you go, a road trip won’t disappoint.

A Solo Trip

Nothing says “I’m independent, single, and happy” more than a solo trip. Treat yourself to a journey where you make all the decisions and choose a place you’ve always wanted to go to but never had the chance to.

Make A Summer Playlist

Good music gets anyone in the best mood, so take some time to compile your favorite summer songs into a playlist, so you have go-to music to jam to.

Watch The Sunset or Sunrise

Head out to the beach for an early sunrise or stay late for the sunset and watch the sky light up in colors. A sunrise or sunset will brighten anyone’s mood.

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