Tips to Prevent Getting Sick on Vacation

Getting sick on vacation is sometimes inevitable. You can take all the proper precautions, eat healthily, drink tons of water, and still get that travel bug. Getting sick when you’re at home is one thing — you get to eat soup and be cuddled up in your bed.

But getting sick on vacation means still having to go through all the travel motions, but not being able to enjoy any of them. Here are a few tips that can help prevent you from getting that travel bug.

Don’t Drink Unfiltered Water (Or Use The Ice)

This is pretty self-explanatory; if a country doesn’t sanitize their water and your immune system is not prepared for the bacteria in the water, you could get all kinds of sick. Make sure your water is filtered, and the same goes for ice. If the ice isn’t from filtered water, you will still be ingesting it.

In some countries, the sink and shower water is not as sanitized as it is here in the USA. Be sure to put a bottle of water in the sink to remind yourself not to brush your teeth with the water, and remember when you shower not to open your mouth!

Stick To Restaurants

Unless you are grocery shopping to cook at the Airbnb, stay clear of street food vendors. You never know how long the food has been sitting on the cart, and you never know what sanitary conditions are behind the door.


You might be tempted to skimp on sleeping on vacation, but getting enough sleep is key to not getting sick on vacation. And that means getting enough sleep before, during, and after your trip, too.

Keep up with your health routine

If you take vitamins every day in your regular routine, bring those vitamins on your trip. If you go for a run and eat a healthy breakfast every day in your daily routine, continue that as best as you can on your journey. Keeping up with your health routine will keep you in your best shape for your entire vacation.

Take breaks

Although it might be tempting to jam everything you possibly can into one trip, don’t force yourself too hard. Take breaks, take the time to rest, as your body is going to be exhausted as it is. And as tempting as it will be to wake up at the crack of dawn to get everything in for the time, give yourself the time to rest.

Don’t let stress get to you

Even though vacation is supposed to be a stress-free time, sometimes even vacation can get stressful. You might be fighting with the people you are with, or your hotel booking didn’t go through; no matter what it is, don’t let the stress get to you too much and remind yourself how grateful you are to be there.

Do all of these things, and you’ll find yourself fully experiencing every trip you go on, without fear of getting sick.

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