TikTok Stories Are Coming

What social media platform doesn’t have Stories nowadays? Snapchat launched the concept of Stories in 2013, with Instagram and Facebook following suit a few years later. Now, you can head to almost any social platform and get an intimate look into what your friends and followers have been doing within the last 24 hours. TikTok has never had this feature, but it looks like the app is finally hopping aboard the Stories trend! Apparently, TikTok began testing Stories functionality as early as August 2021 and expanded the pilot in March 2022.

How It Works

Like other social media apps, TikTok’s Story users can post a photo or video that will be shared for just 24 hours before it “disappears.” (Keep in mind that between screenshots and data clouds, nothing online truly disappears.) There are a few differences: For one, you won’t know which users have viewed your Stories, only how many – unless they leave a comment, which they can do publicly (unlike on other platforms where replies come in the form of a private message or DM).

Posting TikTok Stories

Looking for the “Post Story” button? It’s actually the same “Post” button you use to upload your videos (the plus-sign icon along the bottom of the app). Once you begin creating, you’ll have access to the same special effects, sounds, and reply features available for regular TikTok videos.

Viewing TikTok Stories

TikTok Stories may appear on the “For You” page, but the easiest way to view them is much like how you would on Instagram: Simply visit someone’s profile, then tap their profile picture.

Can’t Find Stories?

If you don’t see Story posting options or aren’t able to view Stories others have posted, fear not. As mentioned, TikTok Stories are still in the testing phase. As a result, some users still don’t have access. If you’re dying to get it, try uninstalling and redownloading the app to ensure it is up-to-date. Restarting your phone before reopening the application may help as well.

Stay tuned to see how TikTok Stories change the way people use the app and interact with one another!

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